31 March 2016

Monthly Update // March

Welcome back! . . . or, maybe I should say that to myself instead of to you. I've fallen behind on the blog recently in order to keep up with schoolwork, so I deeply apologise. My blog activity should pick up in summertime, after the academic year is over.

Over the past month, I've thought of a few interesting blog posts I'd like to write. That should keep this blog active during April. But if you're wondering what I've been up to (and make sure to leave me a comment telling me about what you've been up to!) . . .

The Good, The Bad, The Bookish

First things first: I finished Moby Dick this month. (Expect a review soon!) It was one of those books that I didn't appreciate until literally the last page. I'm a little frustrated that Moby Dick was never captured, but Ahab's death was, for me, one of those "reader moments" when you feel overwhelmed because every plot detail has come together in an intricate way.

One thing I dislike about my experience with Moby Dick is that my English teacher had us read an adapted version of the novel (written by herself) instead of the original book. Some of her students -- past and present -- have complained that it's like reading fanfiction instead of the actual, authentic novel. I see their point in saying that, but the adapted version that I read was shorter in length and more comprehensible with fewer irrelevant details and chapters. Besides, if I ever feel unsatisfied and want the whole story, I can always rent the original book from the library.

On that note, I've still been volunteering at the local libary! (I did have to skip two weeks because of standardised tests and a family outing.) My poetry club is trying to plan a poetry slam-slash-poetry café for the end of April, since it's National Poetry Month (in the U.S.). And on that note, I'll link you to this blog's celebration from last year, the 2015 National Poetry Month Extravaganza, which you can find under the label "npme2015."

Up Close And Personal

Spring! Spring! Spring! (That's basically been my internal monologue for the last week.) Where I live in Pennsylvania, the temperatures have reached as high as 78 degrees Fahrenheit. It's so nice. I won't even mind the April showers, since I adore rain.

(A-hem.) Other than that, I presented my graduation project last week. It went well and I needed to do it in order to graduate from high school next year, so I'm glad that I got that out of the way so I can focus on other academic responsibilities I need to get through. That presentation kicked off my spring break, which was over by last Monday. This part of the school year is sometimes difficult for me because there aren't many days off from school and these weeks are filled with standardised tests.

Speaking of which, I took the SAT at the beginning of this month, and I will take the ACT next weekend. After that I have a number of cumulative psychology exams and two AP exams. Then, it's prom! (Yes, I got my dress already! I may decide to post photos in May's monthly update, so keep an eye out for that, too.)

Finally, this month I found out that I can take my driving exam in mid-May, which is earlier than I previously expected. I'm so excited. It seems that all of April and May will be filled with standardised tests and exams, and then after those are over I won't know what to do with my life because all of my responsibilities will have run out! (Not that I'm complaining! I'm really looking forward to summer.)

I'm glad that the academic year's winding down, but there are still a few more goals for me to reach by June. How will you spend your spring?

- Kira


  1. I'm sorry if Moby Dick was disappointing for you! It seems as if your teacher was trying to push her book on you lol!

    1. Haha yeah, a little! In all my years of studying novels in English classes, I've never read a teacher's interpretation instead of the original novel. That was a first lol! But I suppose if I ever change my mind and want to read the original Moby Dick someday, I definitely can. :)


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