31 January 2016

Monthly Update // January

Well, I think a monthly update is rather necessary right now, seeing as how I haven't written any other blog posts this month.

First I'd like to apologize for that. Part of the reason why I haven't been writing is because the Blog-Post-Idea Bug hasn't been biting me recently. Other than that, school has become increasingly stressful as I approach standardised test season, and I'm a little emotionally drained right now. So please forgive me for this unintentional semi-hiatus. (I think it was Alan Rickman's passing earlier this month that knocked me off-balance.)

The good news is that I'm getting back to where I need to be, in terms of this whole blogging thing . . .

The Good, The Bad, The Bookish

Like, even though I haven't been very productive in writing posts, I've still been active in the bookish realm. For instance, last month I wrote about an upcoming term paper for my English class, for which I have to read and analyse a novel by John Steinbeck. Ultimately, I decided on Tortilla Flat. It was a quick and easy read and it wasn't half-bad, so you can expect a more detailed book review in the next few weeks. (I promise I'll write it!)

I've continued to read the Anatomy 101 book that I got as a gift on Christmas, and yesterday I returned to volunteer work at my local public library again, which I stopped doing last April. (I forgot how much I enjoyed it!) In fact, I already stumbled upon some intriguing books. The one I'm most likely to check out next is called Girl at War by Sara Nović.

Lastly, I've kept writing poetry. I've also become more and more interested in book photography, and I'm posting many of these photos to my Instagram profile, so you can check them out there. My personal favourites are this one, this one, and definitely this one.

P.S.: You might want to check out these two cool bookish posts I came across online! The first is a slideshow of sketches of book characters based on their literary descriptions, and how those descriptions compare to the physical appearances of the actors and actresses who play the characters in film adaptations. Secondly, here's a long list (written by Lincoln Thompson for BuzzFeed Books) of life-changing novels.

Up Close And Personal

Well, like I said, I've been pretty stressed recently. Along with some little things in my personal life, I'm applying for a super-selective medical programme and I'm registering for a few standardised tests. Also, I'm trying to sign up for a course so that I can finally earn my driver's licence, and like always, I'm working part-time and getting my homework done.

The silver lining is that the academic year is halfway over. And after that, all I'll need to worry about are submitting university applications, taking the UKCAT, and finishing summer schoolwork. I'm so looking forward to the smooth sailing that will come after that.

But anyway, happy new year! I hope your 2016 has been off to a great start. Let's make February a good one, too.

- Kira


  1. Welcome back Kira! Hope things get less stressful for you this month :)

    1. Thanks Emily! I missed being away for so long, I'm glad to be back and I'm optimistic about February! :)


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