31 December 2015

Monthly Update // December: Year-End Reflection

Is it that time already?

Honestly, I feel as if it's still October. November and December have passed so quickly that I'm pretty sure they lasted for, like, maybe a week each.

The Good, The Bad, The Bookish

I'm so into anatomy, physiology, and medicine, so for Christmas this year my mother bought me a book called Anatomy 101 by Kevin Langford. It's pretty neat and makes rough subjects like chemistry and cellular biology easy to understand.

In English class, I was recently assigned a term paper about an American author. I was assigned the author John Steinbeck. As part of the term paper, I'm required to read one of his novels and discuss my thoughts about him and his work. I'm considering reading either The Grapes of Wrath or East of Eden, but I haven't decided yet.

Up Close And Personal

This month I continued to work in school and at my job. I visited my great-aunt and -uncle, and found a new hobby: book photographyOne of my relationships ended, but I've started a new one since then, and I've been spending more time with my friends recently.

I've also been spending more time with cute animals, which is always fun. I've been to the pet store once or twice this month (just to visit the animals, not to adopt them). My friend raises service animals and seeing-eye dogs, so once in a while I get to spend time with her German shepherd, her cat, and her turtles, alpacas, and chickens. My boyfriend has a dachshund and two cats, so I'm able to see those animals too. I really wish I had pets of my own!

I've been on a break from school for about a week now. I've been doing very well in my classes -- even in maths, which is surprising -- since the academic year started. I registered for the SAT, which I plan to take in March. And, I'll finally be eligible for my driver's exam in February! All I have left to do is to complete an on-line course, a behind-the-wheel training course, and fifteen more hours behind the wheel outside of that course. It's pretty exciting, and I'm looking forward to finally getting my driver's licence. :)

Year-End Reflection

Some of the best books I read this year were MargotBurnt MountainMaximum Ride ForeverNight, and I Am the Messenger.

This past April, I created the "npme2015" label to celebrate National Poetry Month in the United States. You can check out all the posts within that label here.

Plus, this year I added a pretty cool accessory to the blog: a soundtrack playlist! In case you haven't noticed, I change the songs on the playlist every so often, to reflect my favourite songs of the moment. It's just something that I think adds some personal flair to The Book Club.

That's just about the gist of things, so happy new year! I hope your celebrations with family and friends are fantastic. Stay happy and healthy next year!

- Kira


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