11 October 2015

My Bookish Birthday

(*Insert cake emoji here.*)

Hi everyone! I would have loved to write this post earlier today, but I was working this morning and spending time with my family this afternoon. So, yes, it is 11:33 p.m. EST as I publish this post, but it is therefore 11:33 p.m. EST on my birthday!

I've had a pretty nice day. After work I came home and ate a yummy dinner with my parents, my sister, and my boyfriend. Afterwards we went to the local bookstore, and then returned to my house to eat cupcakes (which my mother baked and decorated to look like owls!) and open my other gifts.

And two of my favourites -- no surprise at all -- were books!

My boyfriend bought me The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. It's a novel that I've wanted to read for a number of months now. The online plot summaries that I've read have intrigued me. When it comes to reading, sci-fi series are sort of my thing (I mean, other than obnoxious, obscene amounts of fluff).

My mother bought me Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. This poetry book is one that I've admired through excerpts and passages for a long, long time. Upon receiving the book, I read the entire thing twice in three hours, then I re-read it again and marked it up with highlighters and sticky notes on pages that had specific poems and lines that stuck with me.

I love Kaur's fearlessness in tackling themes that many people don't have the gall to approach: abuse, alcoholism, feminism, racism, and others. Certain parts of this book are so powerful, captivating, and relatable that I kept reading them over.

Her writing style is characteristically graceful. (Don't be surprised if I begin writing in all-lowercase letters!) The raw emotions and honest experiences turn these poems into pieces of literary artwork. And, they're illustrated throughout the book!

Image property of The Book Club. Poem by Rupi Kaur.

P.S.: In the past few weeks I've also come across two great BuzzFeed articles that might interest you. This one, written by Jarry Lee, is a series of creative comparisons between artistic, pretty book covers and iconic, pretty outfits from New York Fashion Week. And this one, by Alanna Bennett, is a bucket list of books that you should read ASAP.

So, for me, those were today's bookish events. How was your October 11th? Leave a comment for me to read!


  1. Happy birthday! Glad you had a fabulous day :) 5th Wave looks really good :)

    1. Thanks, Emily! I can't wait to read The 5th Wave, it seems like such an interesting series. :)


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