20 September 2015

Bookstore Antics and Hermione Granger

Hello, hello!

A special shout-out to my father, who woke me up yesterday morning and suggested that we and my mother visit a bookstore that we had never visited before. It was a great idea.

That being said, Baldwin's Book Barn is one of my new favourite places to go book-shopping. It's a very cosy environment, calm and quiet, with a wide selection of novels. Most books are second-hand, and some are signed by authors, written in foreign languages (I caught glimpses of Arabic, Swedish, German, and French), first editions, or centuries old.

There is also a black cat named Bingo who roams the barn. We stumbled across her while we were browsing the shelves (apparently she frequents the business, military history, and art history sections). She is very friendly and outgoing. There's nothing like a sweet bookstore cat who wanders the shelves with dust from old books settling in her fur.

Here are a few photos I took of her:

Image property of The Book Club.

Image property of The Book Club.
The barn is about five storeys high. I really enjoyed walking along the stacks of books. There was just about every single genre and subject available, written during all points of the past few centuries -- I noticed an encyclopaedia published in 1898, and a children's book that was used in a sixth-grade classroom in 1950.

Overall, I truly enjoyed visiting this bookstore. Nobody in my family ended up purchasing anything, but it was a fulfilling experience anyway. What a beautiful setting!

In other news, yesterday was Hermione Granger's 36th birthday! This awesome article by Madeline Boardman for Entertainment Weekly contrasts young and old photos of Harry Potter characters, including minor ones. And this one for Refinery29, written by Molly Horan, goes in-depth as to why the fandom will never fade. (Not that I doubted otherwise.)

You can visit the official website of Baldwin's Book Barn here.

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