31 August 2015

Monthly Update // August

All good things must come to an end -- boo. :(

That includes summer, unfortunately. But, hey, it'll come again! And autumn is on the way, which makes me happy because it's my favourite season. Autumn includes knitwear, blankets, general cosiness, pretty-coloured trees, Halloween, and my birthday! So, I'm excited.

But in the meantime, until autumn officially arrives, here are the highlights from the end of my summer.

The Good, The Bad, The Bookish

Wow, I was productive this month in the areas of literature!

In the past few weeks I've read One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (it was assigned to me for schoolwork) and Maximum Ride Forever (which, as the final book in a series I've followed for five years, packed a heartbreaking, exciting, and beautiful conclusion). *Hint: Click on the links to visit my review for each book.

Looking back, this was also a super-special time of year for The Book Club! I kicked off the month by adding a soundtrack to the blog. Ten days later, I published my 100th post! This happened only a few days before The Book Club's first blogiversary (which I still can't really believe has happened already. It's too soon!).

Oh, and I also became aware of the fact that I am a Slytherclaw.

Up Close And Personal

Wow, so many people I know have birthdays in August. My sister, and a number of my friends . . . Even though I spent far more money on birthday gifts than I did on books for myself this month, I spent a lot of time at birthday parties! One of them involved stargazing, which was fun and something that I should really participate in more often.

This was me and my friends that night. Except, we were a lot happier. :)
Image via Vogue Entertainment Group.

I've also started driving! At first it was intimidating to be in control of a vehicle (Aah! It's moving!! Help!) but now I find it more enjoyable. I hope to practise a lot over the next several months.

Anyway, the main feature this month is the fact that today was my first day of eleventh grade. Eek! (I'm glad to be an upperclassman, though.)

I expect this school year to be incredibly busy! I'm taking some college-level courses, I have a job, I need to take my driving exam this year, and I'm taking lots of standardised tests for university. Not only that, but this year I'm taking chemistry (which I have been told is a difficult course) and pre-calculus (mathematics is my worst subject).

All I can say is: I hope that twelfth grade is a very relaxing, uncomplicated year for me, because in eleventh grade I'll be working very hard.

- Kira

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