9 August 2015

Happy Book Lovers' Day!

So this is a holiday I just recently learned about.

Book Lovers' Day is a pretty good way to conclude the summer, in my opinion. It's a worldwide celebration of novels and the people who love them, of course, so I feel quite enthusiastic about it.

I started the festivities this morning by reading part of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, which I'm currently reading (as I've discussed already). I'm more than halfway through the story, and I enjoy the plot now a little more than I did when I first began reading it. You can expect a review within the next few weeks!

Thanks to my Facebook feed, I also came across a Harry Potter-themed "hybrid house" quiz. Essentially, it tells you which two Hogwarts houses are best suited to you . . . like, if you feel you don't fit entirely into only one house.

The quiz was created by Hypable. I always imagined I was a Gryffinclaw (hence my username of gryffinclaw-witch on Fanfiction.net), but here's the result that this quiz gave me:

Image property of The Book Club. Screenshot from Hypable.com.

Slytherclaw, eh? Not bad! That text description reads as follows:

"You're probably the smartest person you know. If you're not already at the top of the class, you're doing your damnedest to get there, at any cost. Book smarts is only half the battle, you also have street smarts. Your creativity and resourcefulness gets you out of any situation (though your silver tongue is a large asset as well). You have a realistic outlook on life, and an understanding that if you want to succeed, you have to think of yourself before others."

(You can take the quiz here.)

But why didn't I know about Book Lovers' Day earlier? I feel like every August of my life has been wasted. 2015 must be the most magical year. Anyway, you can find out more about Book Lovers' Day here.

How are you celebrating Book Lovers' Day? What result did you get on the hybrid house quiz? Tell me in a comment!

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