22 August 2015

Celebrating a Bookish Birthday!

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This month, a lot of people I know have celebrated their birthdays. My sister, three of my friends, and the mother of one of my friends have all turned another year older this August. And, so has my blog!

It's a magical week for The Book Club, apparently; last Wednesday I wrote to commemorate 100 published posts, and created the hashtag #TBCHappy100. Today is the one-year anniversary of the creation of this blog!

Image property of The Book Club.

(Side note: I took the above photo in June of 2013. It's a view of the sunrise in Sitges, Barcelona. That scene was so pretty!)

I wrote a lot of posts in those first few weeks, out of pure excitement to get my blog going. Since then my activity has declined some, but I'm still very dedicated to keeping it up and running. I love channelling my love for literature into a creative outlet like blogging.

Since then I've gained followers and plenty of pageviews. I still really enjoy interacting with people who come across my blog (and especially with the people who choose to stay), and to be honest, spending time on other bookish blogs has lent me lots of book recommendations.

Here's how I intend to celebrate today:

1. Decorate every square inch of the walls inside my house with streamers, garlands, and balloons. Then, sprinkle confetti over every stair on all of the staircases.

2. Stand on street corners and hand out birthday party invitations to people passing by. If a person walking a cute dog passes (I mean, all dogs are cute), strap a party hat to the dog's head. 

3. Every hour on the hour, sound off a party horn in regard to the time. So at one o'clock, I'll sound the party horn once. At three o'clock, I'll sound it three times. At twelve o'clock, well, the neighbours will be very frustrated with me.

Okay, so, maybe not all of those things are going to happen. But regardless, I'm rather joyful today!

- Kira

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  1. Happy blogiversary! Hope you have a fabulous day, you deserve it :)


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