19 August 2015

100 Posts Strong!!

Image property of The Book Club.

This is a very special publication brought to you by The Book Club: It's the 100th post!

I created this blog almost a year ago, with this slightly-awkward post. Then I started posting reviews of books and book-to-film adaptations, and participating in tags and chains. Before long, I outfitted this blog with a soundtrack, condensed all reviews into one convenient location, and even changed the title of my blog.

So . . . one hundred posts, huh? Here's the proof!

Image property of The Book Club.

Here are some interesting rankings:

My favourite post thus far has to be The Ride of a Lifetime. Concluding one of my favourite book series was rather emotional, so it was useful to channel my thoughts about the story into a blog post. I really enjoyed writing this review of Maximum Ride, too. I could write for days on end about the plot, characters, and themes that are so dear to my heart because of this series.

In my opinion, the best post I've published so far is The Science of OTPs: An Analysis. A lot of thought went into its content, and I feel personally proud of the points that I made within the post. It also happens to be one of my most popular posts in the last year.

For more details on my most successful posts, check out the statistics below:

Most pageviews:
4. On the Path to Spoken Word (18 pageviews)

Most comments:

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Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to this blog's upkeep. I appreciate your feedback, comments, support, and interest in my writing. Special mentions go out to Paperback Princess and Ivory Clouds, both of whose blogs I have long admired.

On social media, you can use the hashtag #TBCHappy100 to reference this blog and its 100 posts!

Here's to 100 more!

- Kira


  1. Aww happy 100th post! I've always loved how professional and informative your blog is. And thanks for the shout out :)

    1. Thanks so much! I really appreciate the fact that you're interested in my blog and willing to interact with me and other bloggers. It makes my day to get pageviews and comments, so thanks! :)


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