23 July 2015

College Visit Chronicles: University of Pittsburgh

Hey! Sorry about the unexpected mini-hiatus. It was only two weeks, but it feels like forever.

Anyway, the main reason for the brief break that I took from this blog is because of my schoolwork. I'm halfway through my summer holidays, and academic responsibilities are beginning to creep into the back of my mind. (Today, while watching television, I saw this summer's first commercial for back-to-school shopping. Too soon.)

Image property of The Book Club.

But, a secondary reason for the hiatus is because last week I visited and toured the University of Pittsburgh. I'm very motivated to attend college and, truth be told, I'm affected by this odd rush of excitement whenever I visit a university. It's so fun.

This was my first visit to Pittsburgh, the city itself. I'm impressed by the location and the setting of the school. Parts of the campus resemble Hogwarts (this is not only my personal opinion -- it's a popular one amongst students there), and it has a Quidditch team! Quidditch!

Anyway, the University of Pittsburgh is pretty neat. It has a medical programme of incredibly high quality, which is a pro in my case, because I want to become a physician one day. Citywide resources are utilised for students -- internships, research opportunities, museums . . . The campus is urban, but not too urban, because Pittsburgh is not an overly populous city.

Not only that, but from what I gathered during my visit, the students there are extremely proud of their college. Everybody present had confidence and school spirit. I went home with three T-shirts and a pair of sweatpants, all decorated with the Pitt logos and the panther mascot. Two of the shirts were free. It was great.

My absolute favourite aspects about the school are the International Rooms within the Cathedral of Learning (this aptly-named building is featured in my photograph above). Just standing in one of those rooms made me feel wordly and cultured. Apparently, one of them is haunted by a relative of Edgar Allan Poe. Another one was visited by President Barack Obama. I think that the reason why the cathedral is so large is because it is filled to the brim with history.

Overall, I would certainly consider applying to the University of Pittsburgh because of its academic, geographic, residential, and extracurricular advantages. For more information about the university, visit their official website or their Wikipedia page.

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