19 May 2015

REVIEW: The Author's Toolkit (Mary Embree)

"The most difficult and complicated part of the writing process is the beginning."
~ A. B. Yehoshua

The Author's Toolkit by Mary Embree

I don't often review nonfiction, do I?

Truth be told, I've owned this book for years. I never really ignored it the way I have ignored some other novels I own (oops), but I read it slowly. Slooowwlyy. It took over a year -- the book isn't very long, anyway.

Image via Amazon.com.
But hey, it's packed with information! The book essentially covers subjects related to writing fiction and nonfiction books, especially for first-time authors. I'd recommend it to aspiring authors; that's why I bought it for myself, anyway.

I, personally, being most interested in writing fiction novels, found the advice about character and plot development more helpful than the tips about publishing, but that's because I've never been published. (Unless you count the book I wrote when I was five years old, which was published in roughly ten copies. I'm not counting it.)

But, until the day when I am published -- and, as I certainly anticipate, gain endless fame and worldwide renown (as will obviously ensue) -- I'll probably continue to read books like these. Books that help people write books are pretty important.

Anyway, if you're curious, there is a list of writing tips on Ms. Embree's website for use by plebeians like you and me.

Are you interested in writing as well as reading? Tell me about it in a comment!

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