31 May 2015

Monthly Update // May

We are thisclose to summer, and I swear it's killing me.

May has been an awesome month for me! It was so eventful and filled with new experiences. It makes me look forward to June. . . . Let me tell you all about it!

The Good, The Bad, The Bookish

So, as you may recall, I started this month with a super fun trip to the bookstore. I got four novels: one was a gift for my boyfriend and, out of the other three, I finished one and am more than halfway through another. (Expect a review soon!) The last book was one that I got for free!

This month I also completed a book report for my English class. I did my report on Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, which I've reviewed on this blog. I've read the book before and decided that it would be an easy yet interesting subject for this book report.

And, let's not forget, I'm still attending meetings for my school's spoken word poetry club! We're currently trying to plan a poetry slam. Also, this month I resigned from my volunteering sessions at the public library. It was so fun and rewarding and I loved volunteering there, but alas, I obtained a part-time job last month and had to make my schedule more available for work. Still . . . if any of you are looking for a great place to volunteer, I recommend that you check out your local library.

Up Close And Personal

Well, like I said, I've been preparing for my new job . . . which I start tomorrow! Exciting! I have thirteen school days left and have yet to study for my final exams. (Oops.)

Speaking of school, this week was so hectic! I've been doing a lot of school projects -- not only that book report I mentioned earlier, but also a history research paper and a biology project. In mid-May I completed some standardized tests. So, yes, I'm quite tired. I think I'll be very relieved once the academic year comes to a close.

How did you spend your May? What are your goals for June? Tell me in the comments!

- Kira

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