23 April 2015

World Book Day, Part 2

Gee, the fun never ends!

You may recall my post from about a month ago, "In Observance of World Book Day." The great thing about this holiday is that it's celebrated twice per springtime -- today (23 April), and the first Thursday of March.

Hint, hint . . . The date on which you celebrate kind of depends upon which country you live in. I prefer to celebrate both because: a) books deserve constant admiration, and b) if your reading is limited to one day per year, then I'm sorry to say that you're doing something horribly wrong.

Here are some of the little things I've found about today:

This fact I recently learned is courtesy of an International Business Times article written by Tim Marcin. Did you know that Incheon (in South Korea) is this year's capital of World Book Day? Because, I mean, now I do.

I also came across this BuzzFeed article that summarises a Reddit post which links to a Tumblr post that details the Dursleys from Harry Potter. . . . You may want to take a look.

Not only that, but today is the day for making lame literature puns and jokes. Go here and -- hey, how about here -- for examples.

Image via Do Not Drink And Draw
Looking for a mix of nostalgia and some ideas for your reading wishlist? Skim the official World Book Day website's list of 50 life-changing books. (Comment below how many of these selections you've read! I've read 27 and have had my eye on quite a few more.)

Or, if you need some nice words to read before falling asleep (and your currently-reading novel isn't doing the trick), then scroll on through this BrainyQuote list of quotes about reading. Perfect end to a perfect day.

Don't forget about the hashtag #WorldBookDay when you're busy posting about your envious reading adventures!

That's it for this year, guys! Until then, I'll keep the literature love going via book reviews, novel news, and the same bookish tidbits I've been posting since day one. Don't fret -- World Book Day will be back yet!

Tell me all about your festive book celebrations in the comments!

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