28 April 2015

NPME 2015: My Future in Writing

Well, kids, it's time to conclude the 2015 National Poetry Month Extravaganza. This week, I have a special post lined up for you. (I hope you like sentiments!)

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Last week, I reflected some; this week, we're looking forward.

Rankings /// Spoken Word /// Mourning Poets /// Post 4

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Allow me to link to a tl;dr version of my past writing experiences here. (I've described the subject before, after all.)

But what about my future writing experiences? Hopefully they consist of a few key things:

Here's what I want.

1. A bigger bookshelf. All the better to store novels in, my dear.
2. A nice soundtrack. I want good, not-boring background music that will help me focus on writing without distracting me. ::glances uneasily at Spotify::
3. Company. A friend? A sibling? A partner? They're all welcome, especially if they enjoy silently sitting and reading, like I do. 
4. Opportunities to travel. I can't wait to see more of the world; when I visit foreign countries, I think it's a privilege to be a guest there, and to be able to read words that somebody else has written in a language other than English.
5. Poetry slams to visit me more often. I watched my first poetry slams last summer. It was awesome that they were so local. Now, if only they could come again, to my city or to my school . . .

Here's what I need.

1. More storage for Microsoft Word. It's where I put my fanfiction, my novels, my ideas for future stories, and most of my poems.
2. Schools to have better grammatical education. Not to sound haughty, but it bugs me that my fellow high-school classmates don't know the difference between than and then, where and were, your and you're, and -- well, I'll stop here. The list will be long.
3. Plenty of supplies. Lots of them: pens, notebooks, erasers. (Side note: I always use up my pencil erasers before I use up the pencil itself. It's frustrating to resort to those cap erasers. . . . Can I have some sympathy with this problem, writers?)
4. Second chances. All writers do. In many cases, publishing deals are hard to come by -- even for the best of us.
5. Inspiration. Whether it comes to me in the form of events, places (refer back to the travel point), people (refer back to the company point), dreams, memories, or feelings . . . I'm ready to capture it all through my own words.

Truly, one of the most vital things I'll need for a long career/hobby/whatever in writing is an outlet. That's what this blog (as well as the novels and poems I write for leisure) is for. Keeping up with this is one of my goals, and it motivates me to write more.

Well, while you're at it, keep up with this month's main posts! Follow the links below if you missed out on anything special.

Shall we reminisce? ¬

Rankings /// Spoken Word /// Mourning Poets /// Post 4

Wait!! Before we do that . . . visit this post too.

Where do you want to go with writing? Let's exchange goals in the comments section!

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