7 April 2015

NPME 2015: The Favourites Lists

We're one week into April, and you know what that means . . .

It's time for the first post of the 2015 National Poetry Month Extravaganza!!

In observation of April being National Poetry Month in the United States (I'm so glad this thing exists), I will be writing a weekly poetry-themed post every Tuesday throughout the month. You can follow this endeavour by clicking on the "npme2015" tag in the sidebar to the right . . . It's alphabetical, so scroll down to the "n"s to find what you're searching for. (Or, just follow this link.)

This week, I'll be ranking my most beloveds within the realm of poetry.

Image via Laurelsprings.com.

My favourite what?

I can read mostly anything, if I set my mind to it. But my favourite poems are the ones that I don't know how to label. I look for emotions more so than I look for genres.

And, because of that, I'll list the things that I search for in poems, rather than listing the genres.

1. Emotion (Especially nostalgia, love, inspiration . . . you get it)
2. Mood (Some are just more appealing than others, you know?)
3. Figurative language (I hope I don't sound like an English teacher, but it enhances a poem and makes it more catchy!)
4. Honesty (See below . . . realism vs. romanticism)
5. Word choice (This plays into #3 -- it makes the poem flow better and sound better.)

Allow me to explain something: I appreciate realism and romanticism differently. This holds true with both poetry and fiction. My favourite types of writing are the kinds that explore realistic, deep subjects -- I don't like it when people ignore topics simply because they are unpopular or "taboo" (ugh); I like to learn about the world around me, both the good and the bad parts.

However, when a poem is describing a feeling, I sometimes enjoy when that emotion in romanticised. Usually, romantic writing is more descriptive and more honest, so I like to read it as well as realism. This sometimes depends on my mood, though.

My favourite who?

But, what's a good poem without a good poet?

I hinted on this in the previous section, so I'll keep it short and sweet this time: My taste in poetry is eclectic. Sometimes I'll love one work by a certain poet, and feel disinterest toward another poem by the same writer. It's difficult that way, but nevertheless, here are my top 5 favourites:

1. Sylvia Plath (Can't be beaten. Ever.)
2. William Shakespeare (Oldie but goodie . . . like, really oldie)
3. Sarah Kay (One of my favourite spoken word artists)
4. Maya Angelou (I've never read a poem by her that I didn't enjoy.)
5. Shel Silverstein (A part of my childhood not only in poems, but also in books like The Giving Tree . . . and if he wasn't a part of yours, then I pity you somewhat)

They're cool, they're timeless, and words would be different without them. I love their contributions and, truthfully, one of my favourite things is when their verses get stuck in my mind.

My favourite Damn . . . read it again?

Well, that's to be determined. Great poems keep coming out and I can't easily keep up with them.

But you can keep up with the 2015 National Poetry Month Extravaganza! Follow the links below.

So, where do you want to go next? ¬

Get started here.

How do you plan to celebrate National Poetry Month? Tell me in the comments -- and don't forget to mention your favourite poems and poets!

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