30 April 2015

Monthly Update // April

Dear reader, I missed you!

April! The first full month of spring! Where I live, the weather is finally beginning to stabilise around a temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit -- I'm loving the warmer weather! It's rained plenty, and sunshine comes out once in a while too.

Enough about that, though. On to the good stuff!

The Good, The Bad, The Bookish

This month, I barely read for leisure. (Oops. Shame shame shame. Guilt. Shamy-shame-shame.) However, my English class at school finished Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and we're going to begin Othello very soon. I'm more glad this time around -- personally, I'm more of a Shakespeare enthusiast than a Mark Twain one.

And let's not forget! -- this month, I hosted the 2015 National Poetry Month Extravaganza. If you missed it, or if you're looking for sweet nostalgia, use the "npme2015" tag on the right sidebar to find the series of posts. They're still there, so make great use of them!

Up Close And Personal

Last weekend I went on my very first university visit. It was super exciting! I checked out the school's pre-med and modern foreign language departments, since those are the two fields of study I'm most interested in. (The problem is, I tend to be fickle with my career aspirations. We'll see what happens. . . .)

I've been a busy bee all month, actually! Next weekend (in May, but hey, it still counts for this post) is an important anniversary. Recently I finalised details for an upcoming school dance, too. Not to mention, a new marking quarter started in mid-April -- so I finished out with great grades and only have a few standardised tests to pass before summer! Time flies, really.

How was your April, dear reader? Make sure to leave a comment!

- Kira

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