12 April 2015

How to Celebrate National Library Week Properly

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From now until the 18th, I will be extraordinarily enthusiastic.

It's National Library Week (in the United States)! Allow me to refer you to the American Library Association's official description of the celebrations. (It should be a national holiday, IMHO.) Click here.

Also, some special upcoming dates that you may want to be aware of: National Library Workers Day is on Tuesday, Wednesday has been named National Bookmobile Day, and let's not forget my undisputed favourite -- Celebrate Teen Literature Day -- on Thursday.

Here's how I'm showing extra love for literature this week.

Keeping it real . . .

1. I'm on the lookout for new crushes. Book crushes, that is. (On a related note, discovering new OTPs is always a bonus to a great book!) In fact, while browsing online this weekend, I came across a novel that I would like to investigate further--it has captured my attention, and I'll have to obtain in person soon. Tell me: Have you heard of Orkney Twilight by Clare Carson? Well, neither had I, until last Friday. Follow the link and check it out!

2. My volunteering is still going strong. (For now.) I've been volunteering at my local library for months. It's so much fun, but unfortunately my final volunteering session was yesterday and I'll be quitting soon, because I'm trying to make my schedule more available while I search for part-time work opportunities. (Nevertheless, if you're looking to volunteer your time, I highly recommend that you do so to a library, or to a bookish charity.

3. I'm fitting some much-needed book love time into my calendar. Reading is always a priority, no matter who or where you are. I have almost finished Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (I'll keep you updated with a review soon), after reading it for about two hours today; and I'm one chapter into the second instalment of the Peter and the Starcatchers series, which I discussed last week.

How are you celebrating National Library Week? Comment!

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