14 February 2015

Thinking of U . . . Celebrating My Top 7 Favourite Ships

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love or hate it . . . view it as a detestable social construction or the most romantic day of the year . . . it's one of those holidays that aren't going anywhere any time soon.

So, in observance of it, and in no particular order, let me share with you my favourite seven ships from YA literature.

(Read my in-depth perspective about shipping here.)

From Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling:

This book series is my forever Valentine. Year after year, it's a longtime love of mine.

Harry and Hermione (Harmony)

Let's just take a moment to look at that ship name. Harmony. It's so perfect, so pretty, so . . . harmonious.

(I deeply apologise.)

Image via Daily Mail Online.

To be honest, I always preferred Romione to Harmony. Now, I can't decide which I prefer -- it's more like I appreciate them equally. Both Harry and Ron are excellent matches for Hermione in individual ways, based on their unique traits (the same ones that make them excellent characters). After all, even Ms. Rowling herself has openly supported Harmony over Romione.

And that dance scene in Deathly Hallows – Part 1? It killed me. Slowly. In the most dreamy way.

Image via Momentum.

Ron and Hermione (Romione)

Speaking of dreamy . . .

This was the first Harry Potter ship I ever followed. I followed it even before I read the novels and watched the movies. To be honest, I knew ahead of time that Ron and Hermione were in a relationship by the end of the series. (That's just how popular the books were -- I knew about everything without having to read anything. Of course, I read everything anyway.)

In spite of my relatively new-found admiration for Harmony (in case you misinterpreted that in the previous section), I still love Romione. I read and write Ron-Hermione fanfiction and, to this day, continue to swoon over that glorious kiss when I watch the final film for the umpteenth time. Yeah, it's beautiful.

Image via Rebloggy.

Neville and Luna (Nuna)

I promise I don't like this ship for the sole reason of its humorously goofy nickname (but that helps).

While the books and films don't provide a plethora of information about Neville and Luna's friendship/potential relationship, in the way that they provide details about the other protagonists' relationships, I still think that this ship is cute.

So what, if they both marry other characters? I still support the concept of these two being together. In my eyes and mind, quirky, bold Luna is well-suited to shy, courageous, kind Neville.

It's a match made in wizard heaven.
Image via the Harry Potter wiki.

From The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins:

I like this book series a lot, but it's not quite my Valentine (because, obviously, that would be cheating on Harry Potter). It's more like a spontaneous hookup that you still have feelings for afterward.

Katniss and Gale (Kale)

Part of me feels, painfully, that the Katniss/Peeta ship is more forced than the Katniss/Gale ship. I also resent that, in the novels, Kale is hugely underdeveloped in comparison to Katniss's relationship with Peeta. It frustrates me that, not only was a potential romantic relationship between Katniss and Gale largely ignored by Collins, but she also barely developed their friendship -- even in the first story.

Image via Jabberjays.net.

I'll admit that I may be biased: I'm a sucker for romantic relationships that start out as friendships first. (Cases in point: the prospects of Harmony, Romione, Kale, and most of the others listed below.) Still, the fact that not even Kale's underlying friendship was developed is something that I'm unlikely to get over.

From Maximum Ride by James Patterson:

This series? This is my first love. The one that I agonised over for years on end, until it was eventually replaced by another favourite. Of course, it still haunts me -- like I can't sort out all my feelings for it -- because over the last few years, there's been a ton of confusion within the fandom as to whether or not the series has actually ended or not. (???)

Max and Fang (Fax)

This was my very, very, very first OTP from a book. So many memories go along with this ship: my first favourite YA book, the first female character I tried to discreetly model myself after, and -- let's not forget! -- my current best friend, whom I met when we bonded over this series and ship.

I desperately wish I could put a movie frame or other kind of still in this section, but there's no Maximum Ride film (yet?) -- that promise has been broken. However, there are a bunch of scenes on YouTube that have been made by Piéra Forde and her hardworking team.

But, anyway. Yet another friends-turned-lovers type of ship. Long story short, sans spoilers: He's tall, dark, and handsome. She's fiery, brazen, and brash. They're saving the world and trying not to die in the process. Also, love triangle warning.

From Divergent by Veronica Roth:

This is my crush: I have distinct, noticeable, obvious feelings for it, but it's all very low-key and not quite as strong as my feelings for other books I love.

Tris and Four (Fourtris)

First of all: that ship nickname!! Fourtris . . . like "fortress!" I love puns!

::ahem:: Moving on.

Image via the Divergent wiki.

While reading the trilogy, I was rather neutral regarding shipping. I sort of shipped some couples, but I wasn't actively looking for ships, as I usually am while reading YA. I think that the political-dystopia-uprising aspects of the story overpowered certain romantic aspects that would have otherwise fuelled a ship.

For that reason, I'm grateful that the films seemed to retain the Fourtris relationship. (While simultaneously retaining details about the awful government's problems! So talented!) I think that's where my ship was truly developed -- and also, since some specific details about Four and Tris managed to make their relationship difficult (e.g. her untimely death), I think it was hard to ship them; and because their relationship was the one most deeply explored in the trilogy, it was also hard to ship any other characters.

From The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare:

This series . . . I have such a notable love-hate relationship with this series. It's like a painful one-night stand filled with guilt afterward, but you still want to go back to it even though you don't quite know how to.

Clary and Simon

I don't know of any nicknames for these two, unfortunately. But look at how adorable they are:

Image via Fanpop.

To be honest, it sort of annoyed me that Clare constantly switched back and forth between "Is Jace Clary's brother?" and "OMG Jace and Clary are siblings!!" and "Wait -- no, they're not." I've only read to the middle of the third book, and this inconsistency had happened enough times by that point to deter me from reading.

So, maybe I'm simply resorting to Simon because I find Jace's role in Clary's life to be irritatingly unstable. Or maybe I'm thoroughly in love with Simon's character, and haven't far enough into the series to know it. Thoughts?

What are your favourite ships? Leave a comment for me to read!


  1. Kale, FourTris and Harmony will always be my favourite couples. Too bad Kale didn't end up together, but they were so perfect!

    1. I agree! It's a shame that Kale didn't end up together . . . but a reader can always dream. :)

  2. Harry Potter is literally my life, lol. I really ship Ron and Hermione and also Zoella and Alfie Deyes. I really enjoy your blog btw (:

    1. I completely agree with you about Harry Potter! I love the idea of Ron and Hermione as a couple. Thanks so much for the compliment! :)


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