17 January 2015

A Small Collection of Literary Links to Rescue You from Boredom

Are you suffering from a lack of interest on a Saturday night like tonight? Don't worry -- it's temporary. Let these bookish articles and webpages alleviate the circumstances.

Quick Cures for Saturday Night Boredom: Literary Edition

Courtesy of the Barnes & Noble Book Blog, this article describes some simple-to-spot characteristics of fellow book enthusiasts. (Of course, if you're in love with reading already, it shouldn't be too difficult to do anyway.)

Chen also penned a quality article that suggests methods of converting a non-reader. Read it here.

Don't forget -- I also wrote a post back in August about how to make friends who share your interest in reading. It might help?

This article from HuffPost Entertainment explores the processes that went into the production of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone. It offers images of 15-year-old newspaper articles, which feature reviews and rumours alike in the months leading up to the franchise's 2001 film début.

Did you know that Steven Spielberg was considered for director before Chris Columbus was? Or that the Golden Trio characters were officially cast on 22 August, 2000? (Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint were eleven years old, and Emma Watson was ten.) Take a look!

Quick Cure #3: Your new go-to webpage.

Read Free Online is exactly what it sounds like: A small gift from the book gods.

While it doesn't offer a huge selection, it will suffice when you want a book. Essentially, it has the text of some literary works available for free use.

This might not reach the high standards set by Goodreads or Issuu, Read Free Online features the works of some popular writers:

  • Stephen Chbosky
  • Agatha Christie
  • Suzanne Collins
  • Charles Dickens
  • Ken Follett
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • J. K. Rowling (in case you didn't get enough of her in the previous article)

Well, it's there if you're in need of it. Check it out!

Happy Saturday! I'm simply thankful it's the weekend!

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