10 September 2014

Wednesday Special: This Week's Best Bookish Online Articles

This is the first in a new series of posts entitled Wednesday Specials. And, yes, I'm excited.

I got the idea today (on a Wednesday) and became enthusiastic mainly because, since school started one week ago, I haven't had the opportunities to write for this blog as often as I definitely should. Hence, this series -- another reason for it is that I find Wednesdays to be so draining that I need a way to cope with them as well as an outlet.

Remember when Hump Day was a thing?
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I trust now that, by making myself a weekly commitment, I'll have no choice but to create new posts at least once every seven days.

(Not that it's a hard choice. I deeply enjoy blogging.)

That being said, I can't pledge my soul that this series will be every-seven-days-exactly. I might miss one post occasionally, but hopefully I will be able to upload any missed posts in the following days. Or, I might not post a Wednesday Special at all over the course of a week (and I'm apologising in advance).

Don't interpret my explanation to mean that a Wednesday Special post will be the only post I'll write in a single week. I'm going to write as often as I can for this blog, no matter what. Above all, you guys (my lovely readers) are my real commitments.

That's why I'm also going to be open-minded; if you have a good idea for a Wednesday Special, you can let me know in the comments, and I'll consider writing a post about it! (Don't you worry, I'll thank and definitely credit you.)

So, let's not waste any time -- I've got a busy week ahead! Today's special topic:

This Week's Best Bookish Online Articles

Yes, I spend practically all of my time at school. Outside of it, I'm reading (always). Aside from that, I'm a citizen of the Internet. Today, specifically, I came across an article online that sparked the idea of this post. The article in question is entitled "11 Things That Make Absolutely No Sense In The Hunger Games" (which you can read here).

What other inklings of ideas can I find on the Triple-W? I've compiled a starting list:

  1. "J.K. Rowling Finally Reveals Her (Adorable) Patronus" from Hypable. Also, she reveals a nifty little note about an upcoming Pottermore revision . . .
  2. "20 Of The Most Beloved Books According To Facebook" from BuzzFeed. Did your favourite book top the list?
  3. "Millennials Are Actually MORE Likely To Read Books, Study Says" from The Huffington Post. Personally, I'm not overly surprised. Books are awesome!
  4. Also courtesy of Huff Post, take a nice long look at this publication: "Grammar Infographic Shows Why Writing Skills Matter" (hint: it makes you more money). In my opinion, infographics rock. Dig a little deeper, if you need to, with my Spelling and Grammar Masterlist.
  5. "Almost All the Books People Say Influenced Them Were Written for Children" from Mother Jones. So, how about this list? Did your oldest favourites make the cut this time too?
  6. "Publishers Gave Away 122,951,031 Books During World War II" from The Atlantic. (Blogger's note: This article is a great read if you're trapped in a bad day.)
  7. "Can a Book Ever Change a Reader’s Life for the Worse?" from The New York Times. You probably never even considered the possibility of it, did you?
  8. Going along with #3, "A Strong Summer for Kids' and YA Books in Bookstores" from Publishers Weekly. More good news that our modern youth hasn't quit reading. Particular well-off titles that you are more likely to recognise than not are The Fault in Our Stars, The Giver, If I Stay, and The Maze Runner. (If you haven't noticed a correlation between these stories and the fact that all of them have been slated for film release, you should.)

That concludes this week's Wednesday Special. What other lovely literary things have you noticed on the web? Share links in the comments, and make a suggestion for next week!

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