28 September 2014

CURRENTLY READING: Stardust (Neil Gaiman)

Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Here's the thing: I didn't always like booksNow I do, as I did when I was way younger, and it's such a beautiful feeling.

Over a week ago I collected a book haul, courtesy of my boyfriend's family. (More on that here.) Among the seven books I received was Stardust: humble, unimposing, mild Stardust.
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I have never read any of Gaiman's work. By the time Coraline became popular, I felt I had surpassed the age range for that book. (I now care less and less about this fact, so I may read it sometime later.) But, I've watched the Doctor Who episode that featured his screenwriting -- does that count?

Now, as part of an English class project, I chose Stardust to read, mainly because of its brevity (248 pages) and, hey, I was going to read it eventually anyway so why not now.

Here's what I'm aware of so far: Gaiman is really, really good at being cryptic. In the first portion of Stardust, an important festival is frequently alluded to and vaguely narrated about, but quite a bit of time passes before it is outright described and explained (not fully, mind you -- never fully, when it comes to Neil Gaiman).

The characterisation processes are entertaining, too. As a prime example, allow me to relay the following quote to you:

"At that time Dunstan Thorn was eighteen, and he was not a romantic. He had nut-brown hair, and nut-brown eyes, and nut-brown freckles. He was middling tall, and slow of speech. He had an easy smile, which illuminated his face from within . . ."

Nut-brown everything, huh?

Sure, my novel-reading pace is a little slower than I'd like it to be, but this is my work in progress. When I finish the book, I might even post a review of it to this blog. Stay tuned!

Author's note: Today is also the day I investigated Gaiman's Twitter handle for the first time, and I must say that I am thoroughly pleased with his tweets. Well done, sir; I commend you; keep up the flawless work.

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  1. This book looks great! I'm glad your enjoying it. I nominated you for the Ten Book Challenge! Details on my blog :)


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