1 September 2014

4 Warning Signs Your Favourite Book Has Made You Lose Control

Alert! Alert! Code Blue! Clean-up in aisle six . . . we have a reader who has collapsed in the bookstore.

Well, perhaps it's a little less drastic than that. But here are four warning signs that maybe, sort of, your favourite book has made you a bit disordered.

1. You can't convince yourself to visit the bookstore.

Or the library, or a secondhand book shop, or even a yard sale.

This is a problem, and you know it is. A bookstore is a safe haven for every reader, and once you stop seeing it like that, things have turned downhill.

Think for a couple of minutes: Why don't you want to go to the bookstore? Most likely, it's because you feel as if doing so might "betray" the book you just finished. Or, alternately, your book grief is too strong.

You don't need to do it immediately, but try to go to the bookstore. Once you do, you'll remember how much you loved it. Isn't that worth it?

2. Your emotions are taking over you.

Those emotions that the book gave you: the frustration, the awe, the gratitude, the longing, the feels? Yeah, you're taking them out on people. On everyone, actually, including that cashier at Target and that little girl who was holding her mother's hand as you passed them on the sidewalk.

I'm not talking about emotions that are due largely to hormones, mood swings, teenage angst, or mood disorders. While these shouldn't be a common occurrence, at least you know they aren't due to the book.

If you can't rule out the above conditions, then re-prioritize things and remember, no matter how insensitive this may sound: It's just a book.

3. Your book hangover has lasted a little too long.

Urban Dictionary accurately describes a book hangover as "the inability to start a new book because you are still living in the old book's world." This usually happens once you finish a really good book.

Every good reader has experienced one. Every beginning reader can anticipate one.

Yes, you're still yearning to return to that book's world. You know there are millions of different book-universes to discover, but you're still relishing in the marvelous one you just finished exploring.

This is your world. Take charge of it.

4. You're not willing to read a new book.

This somewhat tags along with the last one, but it's a huge red flag all on its own. If you're not enthusiastic about new things, you'll soon lose the pleasure that reading gives a person.

It's okay to take a break from reading (although, hopefully, you have another project or goal to work on during that time). And you're always welcome to return to it. Always.

Keep your mind, eyes, and heart open for brand-new books you'll like. That's how you know something is worth trying.

Which books have made you lose control? Are you currently trapped in a book hangover? Talk it over in the comments!

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  1. I nominated you for the liebster award! Details on my blog! Also, I agree with these points. I relate to these points!


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