30 August 2014

Look Like Your Favourite Female Characters!

Don't lie; all of us have considered it.

Many times I've watched a book-to-film adaptation and, out of love and admiration for its characters, later sought out clothes in the so-called "real world" (pfft) that closely matched those used in the film.

In this post you'll find links to clothing and accessories (in online stores, none of which I work for) that resemble those used by a female character from a book-to-film adaptation. In other words, used by the actress who portrays her.

All prices are in USD.

Let's get started!

Gryffindor student

Classic and straightforward. If you're searching for a long-sleeved white button-down shirt, check here or here.

Just lounging around the common room? Pick out a comfortable fleece zipper hoodie from FullSource.

The Universal Store offers an "authentic" Gryffindor scarf for $34.95.

You might not find a cloak in many places, but have you tried a long cardigan? H&M sells one for $19.95 (get it in black!). Another option is to buy a black shawl.

Hazel Grace Lancaster

Image via Yahoo! Movies.

It's a little pricey, but Levi's sells a denim jacket that is cropped and long-sleeved like Hazel's. If you're more sensitive about the colour, try this denim jacket from Macy's.

I couldn't find a white T-shirt with a blue collar, but there's this 3/4-sleeve tee that will resemble Hazel's if you wear the jacket over it.

Clary Fray

Image via Bella Montanez on Pinterest.

If you're looking for Clary's all-black ensemble, look no further! Begin with a dark tank top or short-sleeved shirt. (Two accurate ones are from Logo Softwear and Nordstrom.)

H&M sells low-rise black skinny jeans at only $9.95. If you don't prefer black trousers, then you can always wear a dark-wash blue denim sort.

Don't forget black gloves! These are fingerless, but are decorated with a logo. On the contrary, these are leather and without a noticeable logo, but are not fingerless.

Hot Topic is a good place to find belts. A lot of them are thick, dark, and/or studded (like Clary's). Take a look here.

Katniss Everdeen

Image via What a Nerd Girl Says.

Katniss's hunting outfit is actually pretty chic.

Her brown boots can be found at Roaman's or Shoebuy. Get her brown pinstriped trousers at Kohl's, or buy them as leggings from Pink Queen.

This motorcycle jacket is a little dark, but it might work for you. One with a lighter colour is this long-sleeve faux leather jacket, but it's tailored for men, so be careful how you wear it. As with all clothes, don't wear it if it doesn't fit!

Image via Fanpop.
When it comes to her arena outfit, Katniss doesn't complicate things. Start with a super-simple, short-sleeved, V-neck black shirt, like this one from Gap.

Low heels are best for her boots, given all of the running she needs to do. Try these combat boots by JCPenney. These boots from Smart Bargains also have laces.

Hollister offers light brown skinny jeans. Otherwise, you can try these tan corduroys from American Apparel. You might even find help in these high-waisted skinny-fit corduroys (get them in caramel).

Amazon has a $140 replica jacket, too.

Katniss's hairstyle is basically a sideways French plait, but if you need visual instruction, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials.

Which other female characters do you like? Have you ever gone hunting (pun is completely intended) for an outfit like Katniss's? Talk about it in the comments!

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